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October 4th, 2009


The World Scout Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI) is an international Scout Meeting on the Internet which takes places every year on the third weekend of october. This is an official event ofthe World Organization of the Scout Movement.

During that weekend, thousands of Scouts from all over the world meet and communicate with each other over the Internet, using any technologies locally available, from web browsers to e-mail, chat programs, microphones, scanners and digital cameras. Scoutgroups can combine this event with the Jamboree On The Air (JOTA), an event where Scouts can communicate with each other over radio amateur frequencies with the assistance of a local radio amateur crew.

Most of the communication takes place over E-mail and in a chat network called IRC, the Internet Relay Chat. JOTI allows you to build friendships with Scouts in other countries and to find out more about their civil and scouting life. Often, these contacts last for years and build the base for upcoming group trips and entreprises.

Since 1996, JOTI is an official WOSM event and has a permanent place on the Web Site of the World Scout Bureau.

If we’ve raised your interest, just get a few suggestions from the Joti web site and participate in this year’s JOTI.

You will also find all the information on where to down load the software and register for the event

Click HERE to register for JOTI/JOTA

Click HERE for further information (look for setting up your station in 10 mins)

International – West African Drumming

June 25th, 2008


We invited Zozo to one of our meetings who told us all about the coutries of West Africa. We had a practice in African Song and Dance, and then all then had a go playing the African Drum – the Djembe.

[slideshow id=8]

International Friendship Partnership

October 9th, 2007


The International Friendship Partnership Award is about developing friendships, but not just international ones! Its aim is to bring a Group together to encourage friendship and links, both internally and internationally. By working together on this Award, everyone will grow in understanding and respect for each other. They will also make new friends and find out about people living in other countries. The International Friendship Partnership Award opens up new horizons in the Programme for all Sections, and can be worked towards at the same time as the Global Challenge.
Click the badge to link to our friends in Brazil



A scout from the 21 Geman in Brazil hand drew this picture from the jungle book which we coloured in to make t-shirts. You can download a copy of the picture to colour in by clicking it. She has become a good friend and a honory member of our group. She exchanged neckers with Akala.



Below are some of the tea shirts we made